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2016 !! Summary


Five students qualified for their first FIDE ratings in 2016

Ruthvik Srikanth(1105)

Ruthvik represented Karnataka in the National U-7 chess held at Pudducherry in Sept 2016.

Yukti Goswami(1140)

Vaibhav Chidambram (1060)

Thulasi Reddy (1134)

Arjun Santosh Menon (1079)






Four students of Bangalore Chess Academy achieve International FIDE Rating in 2015

1.Darshan MK qualifies for a FIDE rating of 1232 

2.Tanmay Srinath with 1393 ELO

3.Tejas CK with 1132 Elo points.

4.Aditya Yajman with 1505 Elo points

5. Ruthvik Srinath participates in School Nationals at Nagpur

6. Tejas CK wins 12 podium finishes in U-10 events

7. More than 40 begineers participates in their first chess tournament!

Congratulations all!!